In case ache comes after a trauma it will be necessary to immediately protect and immobilize the knee, to apply ice, to compress it and elevate the limb (see advices/self treatment). In order to ease the pain, the doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory/pain – relieving medicines.

Sometimes cortisone infiltration directly done in the knee may be suggested, with the aim of reducing the inflammation.

A central role in treating the different pathologies of the knee which are responsible of gonalgia, is played by physical treatment.

Rehabilitation for rotulian tendinopathy requires rest, no activities that may cause pain, exercises that help eccentrically reinforce the muscle, stimulation of the collagen remodeling through massages and stretching and laser therapy treatment, in particular Hilterapia®.

Besides acting on pain fast, HILT® laser acts with a bio stimulating effect that accelerates the collagen remodeling processes, necessary for the reconstruction of an healthy tendon.

The analgesic and bio stimulating effects are useful when treating arthrosis. Hilterapia® helps obtaining good results on pain symptom; moreover its ability to act in depth allows a bio stimulating action on the tissue. Experimental studies have demonstrated the possibility of stimulating cartilage production thanks to Hilterapia® and  the first clinical studies have confirmed its ability to act on a symptomatic level, especially on ache, and partially on a causal level too.

Hilterapia® bio stimulating effect on the tissue cells (chondrocites) can be used also to ease the lesions healing when dealing with chondropathy.

In case of rotulian chondropathy it is important to reinforce the quadriceps, main muscle of the thigh, through a rehabilitative treatment. Correcting the traction that it applies on the rotula can prevent from the development of cartilaginous lesions.

Studies conducted on professional athletes suffering from knee chondropathy caused by a not perfect stability of the joint, have proved that 10 Hilterapia® consecutive sessions allow a clinic improvement both for easing the pain and for the effect on the inflammation, together with a decrease of the articular effusion.

Hilterapia® is useful in rheumatic arthritis as well; in this case it is the analgesic effect of the laser that is mainly exploited.

Sometimes surgery is necessary because it helps, by arthroscopy, the healing of injured ligaments. If dealing with a severe arthrosis instead it would be indicated to substitute the joint with a prosthesis.