Laser Acupuncture in behavior problems of dog

P. Ruffoni, R. Pozzi
Energy For Health [20], 2020

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effect of laser Acupunture in dog behavioral disorders, such as obsessivecompulsive disorders, phobia, anxiety, aggression. Laser Acupunture can be used as the only therapy or as an add-on therapy to Western behavioral therapies.
Patients were selected based on the presence of behavioral disorders, and assessed both according to an ETEC grid, modified by the Author, and following the Traditional Chinese Medicine directions.
The Laser unit used was the Mphi Vet Orange. In every acupoint the following parameters have been applied: Frequency 1168 Hz, Time 10 seconds, Energy 2,059 J, Energy per surface unit 16,39 J/cm2.
In this case series, some fixed acupoints were used for all the patients, other were specifically related to the pathology.
Additionally, we used Shen and Gui points. Every patient underwent four or five sessions on a weekly basis, with the exception of one dog that was treated three times.
The use of laser Acupunture for the treatment of various behavioral disorders in dogs has led to the improvement or disappearing of clinical symptoms in nine out of ten patients. The results of this experimental study show that laser Acupunture represents a valid therapeutic resource for the treatment of behavioral disorders of the dog.