Application of MLS® therapy on a disc herniation with radiculopathy: a case study

M. Grennell
Energy for Health [14], 2015

This paper presents the case of a 17 year old female who suffered from severe lumbalgia and radiculopathy into the left leg. The purpose of this clinical case was to determine the effects of NIR laser therapy on pain associated with disc herniation. The source used was a Multiwave Locked System (MLS®) MLS® Laser. The instrument consisted of two assembled laser diodes with synchronized emissions at 808 and 905 nm, respectively. The technique utilized to apply the laser radiation was the global approach using both the ultrahead and handpiece to deliver the treatment. Laser application was initially performed three times per week for the first course of treatment and decreased in frequency for the remainder of care according to the patient’s reduction in subjective findings. The patient’s progress was measured by the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). A percentage improvement scale was also utilized to determine the percent improvement in pain and range of motion. The results showed steady improvement of pain relief during the seven month course of treatment. At nine months the pain was not present. The results indicate that MLS® laser therapy has beneficial effects on pain associated with disc herniation.