Investigación ASAlaser

Prevention of Acute Radiodermatitis by Photobiomodulation: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial in Breast Cancer Patients (TRANSDERMIS Trial)
Regression of cervical radiculopathy after laser therapy treatment - a case report.
Combined use of Armourbite and MLS® in temporomandibular disorders, craniofacial pain and neuromuscular dysbalance.
Study on the mechanisms underlying the biological effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF EMFS) on a fibroblast model.
NIR Laser Therapy in the Management of Feline Stomatitis
Long-Term Effect of Pulsed Nd-YAG Laser Combined with Exercise on Bone Mineral Density in Men with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis: 1 Year of Follow-Up
Comparative study of the efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic field and low level laser therapy on mitogen-activated protein kinases
Efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic field on pain and nerve conduction velocity in patients with diabetic neuropathy