Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow

Rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medicines and physical therapies, in particular laser therapy, are strongly recommended for a successful treatment of Epicondylitis, tennis elbow.

Moreover it is important to correct any mistake made when moving the arm, both improving the technique when speaking about tennis players and finding ergonomic solutions which allow to move without causing a degeneration of the symptoms.

In some cases, when pain does not ease, the doctor may suggest some cortisone infiltrations that, reducing the inflammation, may help easing the symptoms. Anyhow, even if this treatment may offer immediate results, in a long term perspective, physiotherapy is the one assuring best results.

Between the suggested techniques there are ultrasound, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, ionophoresis and laser therapy.

It is important to remember that resuming the physical activity before being completely recovered may cause pain to come back in the future.