Dr. Martinkova: my experience with MLS® and Hilterapia®


Dr. Jana Martinkova, FBLR medical specialist in physical medicine, rehabilitation and orthopedic surgery of the CHIRONAX Invest Clinic in Brno, daily verifies the effectiveness of ASAlaser’s therapies using them in the treatment of diseases that affect his patients. MLS® Laser Therapy and Hilterapia®, in fact, are in force in the medical structure where she works since long time. «I knew ASAlaser’s therapies and their value - said the expert - thanks to Kardio - Line (ASAlaser’s Czech distributor) who submitted them giving me also tangible evidence of their effectiveness. I am referring not only to successful cases, but also to their scientific validation». Adopting them to support her daily work has been the next step.

Q. In first instance, you have chosen MLS® Laser Therapy: what are the characteristics of this therapy that have convinced you to use it in your daily practice? A. We have focused on MLS® for the effectiveness that, in a large number of cases, has been proved in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Effectiveness that I have personally verified by applying it on patients with scars or swelling. Q. After you have verified the effectiveness of MLS® Laser Therapy, you have also decided to adopt Hilterapia®, adding to your M6 an HIRO 3.0. What are the reasons behind your choice? A. The preference for Hilterapia® was born from some characteristics such its high intensity, the very short application time and the opportunity to deal with some specific articular "windows". All these elements are very useful to our activity. Adding HIRO 3.0 to M6 has been a natural step. Q. Compared to your personal experience, what are the main differences between these two ASAlaser’s therapies? Make it simple: for which diseases can you advise MLS® and for which HILT®? A. Compared to the experience that we have gained till today, MLS® provides the best results in the treatment of skin disorders, in cases of eczema, herpes or swelling, for example. At the same time it has demonstrated its efficacy in treating sprains, hematoma and in the case of rheumatoid joint disease of moderate degree. Hilterapia®, however, has convinced us in the treatment of problems such the jumper's knee, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Finally, it is undeniable its support in patients with chondropathy patella, knee osteoarthritis and painful shoulder. Q. Are there any cases in which your established therapeutic treatment path has included the use of both the devices? A. Both lasers have been used in several patients with different diagnoses. For example, for a rheumatic pain shoulder we have used Hilterapia® while to treat a varicose ulcer we have chosen MLS®. Up to now, we haven’t used both lasers on a treatment area at the same time. Q. Do you consider important attending one or more training sessions to learn how to use MLS® and HILT®? A. I think it’s basic: only completing one or two training sessions you can have the basis to make the best use of MLS® and Hilterapia® and their devices. Q. Both ASAlaser’s therapies have been verified and proved by a methodic scientific research. How important has been this factor in your final evaluation about these therapies? A. It’s fundamental: I confess that at the time of the purchase of the two methods and devices, count on a rigorous scientific evidence has been a point in your favor. Q. In conclusion: would you recommend ASAlaser’s therapies to other professionals like you? If so, why? A. Yes, I do it for their effectiveness and efficiency! Above all colleagues in the field of rehabilitation, orthopedics, plastic surgery can take advantage of their benefits. ASAlaser’s solutions are revolutionary and represent a valid therapeutic option in physiotherapy.

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