Tutorial course Hilterapia®

The aim of the tutorial course for Hilterapia® is to help understand the different types and forms of laser impulse and its resulting use in physical therapy: it gives a general preparation, treating the different therapy indications.

The course focuses on themes such as treating acute forms in sportspeople and the elderly, and a therapy plan for treating different afflictions of the musculoskeletal system.

This course, which is held by doctors and physiotherapists, is open to all but is specifically aimed at those who own devices for applying Hilterapia® and those who are interested in useful professional updating for a future investment in the development of their personal therapy activity offer.

The tutorial course takes an in-depth look at initial use for daily activity: the description of the different application methods and therapy protocols is, in fact, basic for device users to hone their therapy application skills and for beginners to understand the method potential and as a result select the most suitable equipment for their specific therapy requirements.

Training, which lasts one day, is essential for a general view (as updated as possible) of the world of laser therapy and understanding it, and for collecting the advantages of the technological innovations offered by ASAlaser.