Energy for Health n.5

The 5th issue of “Energy for Health” is a special issue dedicated to the International Congress of Hilterapia®, held in Athens on October 10th 2009. Following are the works presented at the Congress: the relationship between cellular and systemic effects of pulsed Nd:YAG laser, by Monica Monici, head of Asacampus research team. The recent, complete comparison between Hilterapia® and Laser therapy, by Damiano Fortuna, member of the Scientific Committee of El.En. And moreover the comparison between two different pulsed-laser treatment protocols in knee osteoarthritis treatment with Hilterapia®, by Tamara Viliani of Careggi University Hospital in Florence. Finally a series of clinical studies on the treatment with Hilterapia® of different pathologies
Materiali scientifici
Energy For Health