From laboratories to production:
the virtuous cycle.

Since 1983 we have been working to become the international landmark in lasertherapy and magnetotherapy for multidisciplinary use: from physiotherapy to rehabilitation, from pain management – both muscular and articular – to sports medicine and veterinary medicine as well.

ASAlaser means specialisation – i.e. developing therapeutic solutions based on laser sources and magnetic fields – and above all research: integrated and free, authoritative and open, a link between science and production (product development), theory and application, ethics and market.

Specialisation and research are the two strong points of our identity and they represent the synthesis of an entrepreneurial project based on a radical reversal of traditional perspectives: our research studies, interprets and stimulates lasertherapy evolution; it produces and distributes a specific culture (through publications, participation in international conventions, collaboration with universities and institutes, both private and public); it takes into account clinical studies and feedback.  It therefore makes it possible to perfect therapeutic solutions and produce efficient medical devices that are tested in compliance with stern and complete procedures and protocols.

Research is not confined to validating the quality of our equipment: it is, in fact, an indispensable premise.
Our aim is not large numbers, but good results achieved with reliable and safe products that are easy to use (for doctors and health operators), and ergonomic (for patients).  They can be used alone or combined with other according to the pathology, to always obtain maximum therapeutic efficiency. 


To become the world reference point in the expertise, production and development of therapeutic solutions based on laser sources and magnetic fields, through continuous multidisciplinary research and the sharing of knowledge with human health specialists and vets.


The patient’s welfare always comes first.