Under the sign of research.

ASAlaser history is the history of lasertherapy itself.
It is a story based on two successful intuitions.

The first: choosing to run the whole production cycle of our own medical equipment by controlling every aspect of it: from the idea to the design, and up to the final product. This is a choice that immediately guarantees superior quality and better therapy efficiency.

The second: deciding not to turn research into a parallel, external reality, which would inevitably be conditioned by commercial logic, but instead into an entity that is an integral part of the company itself, and which simultaneously works independently, producing and distributing specialist culture of the highest standards.  It is a far-sighted idea about an open, authoritative and pure kind of research.

Our ability to produce innovative products, which eventually become reference marks, is hand in glove with our idea of research. During the years we have actively contributed to lasertherapy evolution: a discipline that has acquired cultural dignity over time and a scientific value recognised by the international medical community.

Our history is also and above all the history of a group of remarkable people, who were encouraged by their values, deep beliefs and a naturally international vocation, so that they have been able to look beyond their own limits and imagine new action and growth fields wherever others had only seen a business opportunity.

A story of passion, commitment and talent.
A unique story. Made up of many first times.