Choices and values, processes and conducts.

Our quality goes beyond the product itself; it is the synthesis of deep and shared principles: we have always moved this way, because being unaware of our social responsibility would have made us unable to guarantee the best therapeutic results, which actually are and will still be our real core business.

Honesty, openness, fairness; respecting clients and those who work with us; bringing out merit, talent and expertise; protecting the external environment and the working conditions; dedication and change culture, in order to always go beyond what is merely “necessary”.  These are only some of the values we believe in and that we try to make true in our daily work.

Above all we believe in “pure”, free, open Research that is not bound by commercial logic, but which produces and distributes culture and specific skills. The type of research that defines strict protocols so that everything we produce is submitted to scientific validation. The type of research that is solidification of an approach aimed at the continuous improvement of our processes and conduct.

Being part of the ElEn Group also means sharing a detailed, ambitious and “international” ethics code which is an integral part of our way of being a company and doing business.

For us, quality without ethics simply cannot exist.