To always go beyond standards.

Searching for quality, true quality that needs no adjectives, for us is a true positive obsession, an extraordinary, inexhaustible propeller.

This is why we have perfected production methods and processes that factually make ASAlaser the first “certifying authority” of its own products.

As for quality, our production process is entirely controlled and managed inside our own plant.  The quality material it produces is made with full attention paid to details and uses materials of the highest level, as well as advanced and reliable software.  The products are very user-friendly, ergonomic, with a design and performance levels that represent the state of the art.  Our quality levels respect those people who use our medical equipment and those people who truly and directly appreciate their therapeutic results.

“Our quality” – in lasertherapy and magnetotherapy – has also formally been recognised by the most important International certifying institutions: from TÜV SÜD Product Service of Munich to TÜV SOUTH AMERICA, from US FDA to SFDA of the Chinese Republic.

Because excelling is an exact science.