Scapula humerus periarthritis - Rotator cuff tenosyn

Scapula humerus periarthritis - Rotator cuff tenosyn | Therapy

The main treatment targets are easing pain, functional recovering and decreasing muscular contractures.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome | Therapy

Surgery is the resolving treatment however in the initial stages it is possible to rely on some therapies to improve the symptoms.

A brace that keeps the wrist straight, especially used when sleeping, can help easing the symptoms. If the Carpal tunnel syndrome is related to an inflammation, anti-inflammatory drugs can be useful while they are totally superfluous in absence of phlogistic processes. Cortisone infiltrations help reducing the edema and consequently to ease the symptoms.


Tendinitis | Therapy

Tendinitis treatment has the aim to control pain and reduce inflammation in order to permit an activity recovery; if symptoms are moderate, rest, ice and anti inflammatory medicines can be sufficient.

In order to reduce the inflammation of the tendons, cortisone infiltration can be useful. The latter cannot be too frequently used because cortisone may cause a weakening of the tendons.

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