Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache

Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache | Self-healing

It is important to avoid too long periods in bed: a light physical activity helps the recovery, obviously avoiding those movements that increase pain.

If lumbago is caused by an acute trauma it can be useful to initially apply ice. The latter can be applied for 15 minutes several times a day. Once spasm and acute pain are gone, heat can be applied.

Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache

Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache | Prevention

Improving the physical conditions  and following some simple rules can help preventing back ache: it is important to do aerobic physical activity periodically (i.e. swimming or walking).

In fact, training helps to strengthen the back and its resistance. Moreover it is important to hold in check the body weight, losing weight if necessary and doing reinforcement and stretching exercises focused on the abdomen, buttocks and back muscles.

Here are some suggestions that can turn useful in daily life.

Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache

Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache | Therapy

When experiencing a lumbago it is mandatory to avoid all those movements that overload the spine: it is recommended to rest in bed even if for period not longer than two days.

It may be useful to take some anti inflammatory/analgesic medicines and myorelaxants according to the doctor’s instructions; meanwhile it may be relieving to apply heat.

Once the pain has eased, it is recommended a light physical activity and some exercises to strengthen and stretch the back.

Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache

Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache | Diagnosis

When facing a light and localized pain, it is possible to wait for a couple of days, in order to verify a possible improvement before going to a doctor; instead, it is important to consult him immediately in the event pain irradiates to one or both legs or it is characterized by weakness, pins and needles or alteration of the lower limbs sensation, as a direct consequence of a falling or other traumas that involve the back area.

Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache

Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache | Causes

Lumbago is often provoked by banal causes, i.e. a muscular or ligaments’ sprain, that may occur after a bad movement (as a fall), or after having lifted heavy weights or having done an exaggerated physical effort.

Obviously inadequate training, a wrong posture, overweight together with many other factors can help the happening of the problem.

Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache

Lumbago - Sciatica - Backache | Symptoms

Almost everyone knows what is back pain. Lumbago is one of the most frequent problems: it is the second cause of medical visits after influenza and it has been estimated that  4 on 5 people suffer from it sooner or later in life.

The spine is made by vertebras , separated by intra vertebral discs that act as shock absorbers , and its stability is assured by a group of ligaments and muscles.

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