Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow

Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow | Self-healing

Here are some advices to face the problem before consulting a doctor.

Not force the damaged elbow, avoiding movements and activities which may increase pain.

Rest the elbow, without immobilizing it completely.

Apply the ice for a couple of minutes, several times a day, starting as soon as the symptoms are noticed.

If dealing with an acute trauma, keep the arm elevated to reduce swelling.


Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow

Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow | Prevention

Here are some advices which can help reducing the risk of epycondilitis.

It is recommended to train before starting any sport activity and reinforce the musculature. The most recommended exercises are to flex and stretch out the elbow, better if while holding a weight.

Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow

Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow | Therapy

Rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medicines and physical therapies, in particular laser therapy, are strongly recommended for a successful treatment of Epicondylitis, tennis elbow.

Moreover it is important to correct any mistake made when moving the arm, both improving the technique when speaking about tennis players and finding ergonomic solutions which allow to move without causing a degeneration of the symptoms.

Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow

Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow | Diagnosis

It is recommended to immediately call a doctor when the elbow looks inflamedwarm and reddened, if it is difficult to bend it or if it looks deformed. Obviously it is better to ask the doctor’s opinion also when symptoms are less relevant and cannot be solved with some rest and ice.

Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow

Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow | Causes

Main cause of the epicondylitis is the overload to which tendons may be exposed.

constant contraction of the forearm muscles together with efforts as those required to hit the ball with the tennis racket , can induce inflammation and several micro tears on the tendons of the elbow area.In particular, tennis players without the right technique, especially those who perform incorrectly the backhand, present higher risk.

Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow

Epicondylitis - Tennis elbow | Symptoms

Epicondylitis is characterized by an inflammation of the tendons of the forearm muscles at the elbow level.

The inflammation can affect the lateral tendons (lateral epicondylitis also known as “tennis elbow”) or the opposite side of the elbow (medial epicondylitis) and it is caused by an overuse of the arm.

This kind of tendinitis is typical of those who play tennis but it can also be caused by other activities that imply continuous efforts of the elbow.

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