Scapula humerus periarthritis - Rotator cuff tenosyn

Scapula humerus periarthritis - Rotator cuff tenosyn | Diagnosis

If feeling a severe pain at the shoulder it is recommended to call the doctor.

During the examination he will test ache level through pressing, the movements range that the joint can perform and he will ask to do specific movements that help suspecting a rotator cuff pathology in addition to a possible implication of  the tendon that is attached to the shoulder (the one of the biceps long head).

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome | Diagnosis

It is recommended to call the doctor when frequently starting noticing the symptoms described above. Neglecting them can lead to a serious damage of the nerve over time.

The doctor will be able to suspect the trouble from the first examination.

Besides verifying the moments when symptoms appear and their exact location (i.e. if the little finger is involved this means it is not carpal tunnel syndrome), he will decide whether or not to test fingers sensitivity; moreover by flexing or pressing the wrist he will better understand the situation.


Tendinitis | Diagnosis

Even if in presence of minor tendinitis it is possible to wait before calling the doctor, as soon as the pain is strong enough to interfere with normal daily activities or the inflamed area looks red, swollen and warm it is highly recommended to book an appointment.

Referring to the clinical history and to the described symptoms, the doctor will be able to suspect a possible tendonitis. The medical visit can give further indications to the doctor who may decide to prescribe an ultrasound scan or a radiography.

Articular traumas

Articular traumas | Diagnosis

Chondropathy and articular pathologies in general are diagnosed by a correct case history and clinical evaluation. The case history is used to investigate the position of the problem, when it began, and the type and extent of the symptoms referred by the patient.
The use of instrumental diagnostics, in particular Magnetic Resonance, the first test level for traumatic and overload articular pathologies, is also important.

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