Carpal tunnel syndrome

Surgery is the resolving treatment however in the initial stages it is possible to rely on some therapies to improve the symptoms.

A brace that keeps the wrist straight, especially used when sleeping, can help easing the symptoms. If the Carpal tunnel syndrome is related to an inflammation, anti-inflammatory drugs can be useful while they are totally superfluous in absence of phlogistic processes. Cortisone infiltrations help reducing the edema and consequently to ease the symptoms.

These are all suggested for a mild stage trouble. When dealing with more severe stages, surgery is the answer. The operation is about cutting the ligament that closes the carpal canal so the space left for the nerve increases and symptoms disappear.

In the initial or mild stage, physiotherapy is extremely useful, in particular ultrasound, ionophoresis and laser therapy.

Recent studies have proved as laser therapy is able to improve not only the clinical picture but also the nervous transmission measured through electromyography. In particular, treating with high intensity pulsed laser Nd-YAG (Hilterapia®), gives new chances as indicated by the outcomes of the study conducted on patients at the first and medium stages and that confirm the efficacy of the technique.

In addition to an improvement of the clinical picture thanks to pain easing, an improvement of sensitiveness and an increase of fingers’ and hand’s strength, the study has documented an improvement of the inflammation signs, confirmed by the ultrasound and electromyography outcomes. Moreover the study testify that the treatment efficacy lasts in time and in some cases it leads to an additional clinical improvement after 3 months of treatment.