Carpal tunnel syndrome

The syndrome is due to nerve’s compression.

The causes of this may be thickening and swelling of the tendons sheathes that flow in the carpal canal together with the nerve.

For this reason some work activities can promote the trouble more than others, especially if they involve several flections and extensions of the tendons, under stress and for long periods; those who frequently use their hands, as tailors, typists, workers, in particular if work requires to keep the hand flexed for long, are more at risk.

This is why the problem has been more frequent since computer coming, because of the wrong posture often taken when using the mouse or typing on the keyboard.
Between the causes also rheumatic arthritisdiabetesthyroid troubles can be listed.
Also pregnancy and the assumption of birth-control pill can be added to the list of risk factors.

Moreover some people’s carpal canal is tighter than normal and for this reason they are more susceptible to carpal canal syndrome.
Other factors are: the female sex, women’s probabilities are 3 times higher than men, registering a peak after menopause; heredity, previous cases in the family imply higher risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.