Articular traumas

The treatment of articular pathologies can be conservative or surgical, according to the pathology type and extent.
Conservative treatment is based on integration with pharmaceutical, rehabilitative and instrumental therapy.
In addition to symptomatic pharmaceuticals (anti-inflammatory, contracture-relieving and analgesic) that are used against pain, swelling and/or muscle contracture, chondroprotective agents can also be proposed, being agents that can feed the cartilage and lubricate the articulations. These substances can be taken by mouth or infiltration (hyaluronic acid) directly on the afflicted articulations.
Hilterapia® as an instrumental therapy has shown to be very effective in healing chondropathy. The high-intensity pulsed signal helps reintegrate the cartilage, resulting in less pain and better articular function at the same time.
Two types of surgery are available to treat articular pathologies:  reconstructive and regenerative.  Reconstructive surgery includes articular debridement (simple cleaning), micro perforation surgery, micro fracture surgery and mosaicplasty, which repair the cartilage by forming fibrocartilaginous tissue.  In regenerative surgery, chondrocyte implantation has shown that it is possible to regenerate a cartilaginous cloak that is as physiological as possible.
In cases of advanced articular degeneration, either total or partial arthroplasty is necessary.